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Melancholy Moon

The Pinder Brothers

Inner World Music 2015

Review by David Bowling


There is an old saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree but in this case it rolled a little.

Michael and Matt Pinder, (The Pinder Brothers), are the sons of long time Moody Blues member Mike Pinder. Following a parent in any profession is a daunting task at best and so it is with Matt and Michael.

The title and album art seem right out of the Moody Blues catalog. The album’s last track, “Summer Moon,”¬†featuring Moody Blues veterans Mike Pinder on mellotron and Ray Thomas on Flute have a flavor of the band’s sound. The good news is it is an excellent track. The bad news is the sound is not representative of the brothers overall approach.

Michael and Matt Pinder are a basic rock and roll band in search of a consistent identity. They write their own material and songs such as “Trust Being You,” “Pale December,” “Overboard,” and “Pictures of Rachel” are solid if not spectacular.

They are a band in the early stages of their career and they need to embrace who they are and work on their strengths. A good start for two second generation musicians.

Rating: **1/2