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The Beckies

The Beckies

Real Gone Music 2015

Review by David Bowling


The Beckies are one of those short-lived, long-lost, but brilliant rock groups in American music history.

The story begins with Michael Brown. He was the keyboardist/songwriter for the seminal 1960’s band The Left Banke, who produced the hits “Walk Away Renee” and “Pretty Ballerina.” Next he moved on to the early 1970’s rock band Stories who hit number one with “Brother Louie.” Several years later he formed the Beckies with drummer/vocalist Gary Hodgson, guitarist Jimmy McAllister, and vocalist Scott Trusty. The band was named after Hodgson’s wife Becky.

It may have been the punk and hard rock era but the Beckies were a power pop band built on solid vocals, tight harmonies, and creative songwriting.

Their only album is a testament to their ability. The tracks flow smoothly into one another. “On The Morning That She Came” and “River Song” cover both ends of the rhythmic spectrum as one is a sunny rocker and the other a poignant ballad. Add in such melodic tunes as “Midnight And You” “One of These Days,” and “Can’t Be Alone” and you have the makings of a minor classic.

The Beckies disbanded while working on their second album. Brown’s refusal to tour and the lack of commercial success due to the changing musical landscape proved to be an insurmountable handicap.

As with all the Real Gone reissues, the sound is impeccable and the enclosed booklet presents a concise history of the band and music.

The Beckies are one of those what if’s of rock music. Their one album remains one of the better pop albums of the 1970’s.

Rating: ***1/2