Caroline no sweden

Moon Turn Red

Monkey Junk

Stony Plain 2015

Review by David Bowling


If Canada had a city similar to New Orleans, Monkey Junk would feel right at home. They are a basic and gritty rock/blues band with some funky ethos mixed in for good measure.

Vocalist/harp player/ keyboardist Steve Harringer, lead guitarist Tony D, and drummer Matt Sobb formed the band during 2008 and hve never looked back. They have just released their latest album titled Moon Turn Red.

Their new album is filled with energetic rockers, (Hot Hot Papa,” “Light It Up,” and “Live Another Day”), some funky rhytms (“Love Attack” and “Show Me Yours”), and even a couple of love songs (“Learn How To Love” and “Meet me At Midnight”).

Monkey Junk continues to grow as a band. Their music is more melodic than in the past and they now incorporate tight harmonies into their sound.

Moon Turn Red is another leap forward for a hard working band.


Rating: ***