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B’s Expression

Al Basille

Sweetspot 2015

Review by David Bowling


Al Basille’s career is now well past the forty year mark. His recording career began in 1999 with Duke Robillard and his Roomful Of Blues. Since then he has gone on to release a dozen solo albums, written a number of poetry and science fiction books, and become a noted songwriter and vocalist. Best of all his instrument of choice is the cornet, which gives his blues a very different vibe.

His latest release, B’s Expression, is another group of original compositions produced by old friend and guitarist Dueke Robillard. While his voice and cornet are upfront, it is his words that set him a part from many of his contemporaries. Known as the “bard of the blues, ” his stories have a peptic quality that not only entertains but makes you think as well.

Songs such as “I Didn’t Come Here To Lie,” “Even Jesus Fell,” “Whole Lot Of Good Good Lovin,'” “Never Good Enough,” and “I’m Runnun’ Late” now join his ever-expanding legacy.

Al Basile has created another enticing albums of creative blues. B’s Expression is well worth not only a listen but an exploration.

Rating: ***1/2