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Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends)


Omnivore 2015

Review by David Bowling


Pugwash was a well-kept Irish secret until last year when they released the career spanning compilation album A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds to a world wide audience. In order to capitalize on their new fame, they have issued a new, and in many ways brilliant, album titled Play This Intimately (As Is Among Friends).

Vocalist/guitarist Thomas Walsh, guitarist Tosh Flood, bassist Shaun McGee, and drummer Joe Fitzgerald have created an album of tight harmonies, incisive lyrics, and catchy melodies.

It is an album that hangs together well. While their are a number of excellent stand-alone tracks; they add up to a cohesive whole. From the opening rocker “Kicking And Screaming” to the Ray Davies influenced “Oh Happy Days” to the ending creative fusions of “We Are Everywhere,” it is an album by a band exploring their creative boundaries.

It may be an intimate album but it is also so a rock and roll album, so play it loudly and enjoy.

Rating: ****