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Dirty Southern Soul

Stolen Hearts

Independent Release 2015

Review by David Bowling


If your name is Robert Johnson and you are a musician, you need to play the blues. Add in blues guitarist/vocalist extraordinaire Pam Taylor and you have the duo Stolen Hearts. A couple on and off stage, they infuse some southern rock and soul into their music, but at their foundation they sing and perform the blues or dirty southern soul as they like to describe it.

Their album is a basic affair as Taylor’s guitar and voice, plus Johnson’s bass, guitar, mandolin, and voice come together to present their ten original compositions. Their lyrics are personal and explore the bright and dark sides of life. “Werewolves (Make Lousy Boyfriends),” “Boy They Gonna Own Ya,” “All I Got Left,” and “Do You No Harm” are examples of their passionate and energetic approach.

The album concludes with two live bonus tracks. “Already Alright” and a nearly nine minute cover of “I’d Rather Go Blind” give them room to expand their sound and improvise.

Dirty Southern Soul is an album that grabs you attention and above all entertains.

Rating” ***