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Wonder Man

Rusty Wright Band

Sadson Music

Review by David Bowling


The Rusty Wright Band is on of the finest bands working today. Guitarist/vocalist Rusty Wright, guitarist/vocalist Laurie LaCross-Wright, bassist/vocalist Dennis Bellinger, keyboardist Robert John Manzitti, and drummer Marc Friedman produce a modern and sophisticated brand of blues and southern rock.

Their latest release, Wonder Man, finds the veteran band issuing their strongest album to date. The result of years on the road and in the studion, it is a mature release that combines Wright’s writing skills and guitar prowess, the tightness of the band, and soaring vocals.

They add some horns to the title track which gives it a bluesy vibe. “Gonna Come A Day” is a pure blues piece. They amp up the energy on ‘Black Hat Boogie.”

Wonder Man is the latest from a band that continues to evolve and grow. A good listen for any aficionado of modern days blues.

Rating: ***1/2