Barbed Wire

Sarah Pierce

Little Bear Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


Sarah Pierce is a Texas based singer/songwriter who was born in Illinois and has a masters degree in medical science.

She has now issued a new album, Barbed Wire, which is a follow-up and in many is very connected to her autobiographical Cowboy’s Daughter.

Her music is a light and breezy blend of country, folk and pop. It falls into the ever-expanding Americana category but good music is always good music. Her easy going and smooth style often run counterpoint to the power of her stories.

“I’m The daughter Of A Cowboys Wife,” “Lightning,” “See You In The Morning,” and “Saddle Up” are examples of her poetic ability and her capacity to create subtle structures for her music.

In the final analysis, Barbed Wire is a bright and shiny album that provides an easy listening experience.

Rating: ***