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Tipping Point

Wendy Woo Band

WooMusic Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


Wendy Woo is a legend in her home state of Colorado. Her brand or rock, folk, and America music has earned her a rabid fan base. She has now composed over 100 songs and for much of her career was on the road for 200 performances a year. She recently released her 11th album titled Tipping Point.

The singer/songwriter’s band consists of guitarist/vocalist/viola player Robin Hoch, drummer Christ Maestas, keyboardist Mitch DeZwarte, and bassist Steve Cox. The key is Hoch whose voice blends with Woo’s to create tight harmonies.

Woo has always been a first rate lyricist whose compositions explore a variety of human emotions and experiences. Her electric and acoustic guitar work propel the songs along. She is a creative electric guitarist but it is her acoustic technique that many times steals the show. She has a technique where she slaps the guitar to produce a rhythm sound for her music.

Songs such as “Backbone Road,” “Mile High Blues,” “Picture Frame,” and “On With The Show” present the Wendy Woo Band at its best. Hopefully the album will continue to build her success well beyond her home state.

Rating: ***