Laugh In The Dark

Tommy Keene

Second Motion 2015

Review by David Bowling


Tommy Keene is now over three decades, 11  studio albums, four EP’s, three compilations, and one live release into his career. His last album, Excitement At Your Feet, was an album of covers, which cleansed his palate and recharged his batteries.

He has now returned with Laugh In The Dark. As is typical of many of his past releases, it is guitar based music with strong melodies. From the opening power chords of “Out Of My Mind” to the guitar solo of “Last Of The Twilight Girls” to the slide and acoustic work of “Go Back;” it is an album of mainstream rock and pop, which begs the question of why Keene has not gained more mainstream recognition.

Laugh In The Dark is available digitally, as a CD, and on 180-gram vinyl. Any are well-worth the price of admission.

Rating: ***