Ding Dong Daddy

John Cocuzzi

Eller Soul Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


Every once in awhile someone issues an album that not only entertains but makes you smile and so it is with Ding Dong Daddy by John Cocuzzi.

Cocuzzi is a pianist, vibe player, and vocalist who would be right at home in a night club or bar, entertaining with his upbeat and at time flamboyant brand of swing jazz and jump blues.

Songs such as “Swanee River Boogie,” “Ballin’ The Jack,” “Tennessee Waltz,” and “Kambucha Boogie” may have different tempos and textures but all come alive with his improvisational solos.

For a rollicking good time, pick up a copy of John Cocuzzi’s Ding Dong Daddy and be prepared to grove and smile.

Rating: ***