Starlight Highway

Corinne West

Make Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


Corinne West has been on the road since the age of 15 and has been releasing albums since 2004. She has now returned with her latest release Starlight Highway.

She has been labeled “the Siren of the Sierras,” which describes her voice and approach. She is a singer/songwriter firmly entrenched in the Americana style; and is able to create music that is both angelic and pointed.

Her music has evolved since her last album. The textures are deeper and the sound fuller. What she has retained is a sense of intimacy as she brings her personal feelings, thoughts, and dreams to life.

Songs such as “Sweet Rains Of Amber,” “Audrey Turn The Moon,” “Night Falls Away Singing,” and the title track both soar and purr.

Corinne West has produced an album that originates in the soul and spreads outward. It is well worth a listen or two.

Rating: ***1/2