Stockholm 1973

Canned Heat

Cleopatra Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


Stockholm 73 is the second in a trilogy of Canned Heat live albums that are being issued by Cleopatra Records.

The first release in the series, Carnegie Hall 1971, had the benefit of John Lee Hooker on stage with the band. The major problem was the sound, which made the concert almost unlistenable.

Their new release may not have John Lee Hooker but the sound in very good for the early 1970’s and holds up well. The song set is more cohesive and represents the band well. The only unavoidable issue was the passing of guitarist/vocalist Allan Wilson, which finds the band in an adjustment period.

“In The Road Again” and “Let’s Work Together” are the two quintessential Canned Heat songs. The band may be a little tight but Bob Hite contributes creative and soaring solos.

The band has always been known for their improvisational style on stage and they are on safe ground with “Election Blues,” “Shake & Boogie,” and the classic biker song “Harley Davidson Blues.” Each song takes some unexpected twists and turns as guitarists Hits and Henry Vestine explore rock and blues melodies.

Stockholm 73 may not be the best Canned Heat concert ever but it is still very good. A nice trip into the past from a band that is too often over looked.

Rating: B