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Holidays & Wedding Rings

Jamie Lin Wilson

Jamie Lin Wilson Label 2015

Review by David Bowling

Jamie Lin Wilson, along with Kelley Mickwee, Liz Foster, and Savannah Welch, is a member of the creative and well-respected Trishas. They come together to record and tour and then go their separate ways until next time. The latest period of down time has allowed Wilson the opportunity to release her first full-length album in addition to giving birth to her new son.

Wilson’s musical journey now stretches back 15 years and it has been time well spent. She has always had a beautiful voice that you are either born with or not. It now has a smooth and mature quality and when combined with her ability to write personal or story songs, it gives her music a wonderfully intimate feel.

She wrote all 12 tracks, so it is an invite into her world and mind. Just Like Heartache” begins the album and shows her growth as a songwriter. The lyrics of longing run counterpoint to the bouncy melody, which shows an ability to create sophisticated music.

There is an old fashioned country element to her lyrics. “She’ll Take Tonight” and “Nighttime Blues” explore hope amidst life’s realities. “You Left My Chair” is a nostalgic look at time passing and the memories left behind. “Yours And Mine” is an introspective but joyous romp.

In many ways Holidays & Wedding Rings is an evolution from her work with the Trishas. Incisive songwriting, intimate vocals, and tight musicianship all add up to an album that could be invited into any home.

Rating: ***1/2