The Light

Uncle Lucius

Boo Clap Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


The music of Uncle Lucius can best be described as a thoughtful celebration. The lyrics are incisive and tell stories, while the music can just soar and take you away.

Vocalist/guitarist Kevin Galloway, guitarist Michael Carpenter, drummer Josh Greco, keyboardist Jonathan Grossman, and bassist Nigel Frye have spent hundreds and probably thousands of evenings honing their craft in small clubs and concert halls. The rich harmonies and tight sound are the result of a band that is comfortable in their identity.

The new album, The Light, finds them taking some chances by the addition of a saxophone, strings, and even a flute to their sound. The result is a well-balanced album of southern oriented rock and roll.

Highlights include “Taking In The View,” which is a mini-Texas novel set to music and “Flood Then Fade Away”  with its soaring keyboards. Add in the funky “Age Of Reason” and the rock of the title track and you have the foundation of a creative and interesting album

Uncle Lucius has crafted an a highly listenable album of rock and roll. A fine addition to any music collection.


Rating: ***1/2