Blues Thunder

Brad Wilson

Cali Bee Music 2015

Review by David Bowling


Blues Thunder is an appropriate name for Brad Wilson’s new album. His aggressive style of blues/rock thunders from the speakers with his guitar and vocals leading the way.

Backed by bassist Brian Beal, drummer Amrik Sanfhu, keyboardist Kirk Nelson, and harmonica player Tumbleweed Mooney, he has issued another blast of modern day electric blues.

“Is It Any Wonder” is a smooth riff-laden fusion of pop and blues. “Change It Up” travels south of the border for its rhythms. “Blue Shadows” is a smoldering moody piece. “Black Coffee At Sunrise,” “Step By Step,” and “Change It Up” find him in his comfort zone as they blast out of the speakers.

Brad Wilson has carved out a nice niche for himself in the blues field. His latest release should enhance his growing reputation.


Rating: ***1/2