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Mind Gardens

Toulouse Engelhardt

Love Grove Arts 2015

Review by David Bowling


The Takoma Label, from 1959-1976, was responsible for the resurrection of acoustic guitar music. Artists such as John Fahey, Leo Kottke, and more broadened the horizons of an increasingly lost art form. One of the last guitarists signed to the label was Toulouse Engelhardt.

Engelhardt’s career has now passed the four decade mark, and he remains on of the more creative guitarists alive. His finger picking style was ground breaking and his virtuosity with the 12-string guitar virtually unmatched.

His new release, Mind Gardens, carries on his tradition of excellence. Whether it be channeling Dick Dale on “The Wedge,” showing off his famous 12-string style on “Dom Perignon,” or exhibiting some classical flair, he has produced a versatile album of music centered around his guitar.

Engelhardt  has carried on the legacy he helped establish during the early 1970’s and remains one of the finer practitioners of his craft.

Rating: ***1/2