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Choices & Chances

Smith & Wesley

Garage Door Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


And now, all the way from Northern Georgia, by way of Chattanooga, Tennessee, come Smith & Wesley.

While the name sounds like a duo, it is actually a band complete with sophisticated harmonies and instrumentation. Brothers Scott and Todd Smith provide the name, songwriting, and vocals. The Wesley in the band’s name comes from their father Wes, who recently passed away, The rest of the line-up includes keyboardist Greg Gordy, electric guitarists Steve and Josh Pettyjohn, bassist Dee Callahan, and drummer Brad Thompson.

They are a basic country band with excursions into southern rock and blue grass upon occasion.

The album is divided into two parts. The first half is lyrically darker as is deals with life’s choices and accountability. The second half of the album moves in a more positive and reflective direction. Through it all, the music and tight harmonies are well-constructed and excellent.

Smith and Wesley have issued a solid album of modern country music. It is well-worth a listen if you are looking for something new.


Rating: ***