Breaking And Entering

Eliza Neals

CD Baby 2015

Review by David Bowiing


Detroit’s Eliza Neals is a bar band blues singer/songwriter who has risen above the norm and produced an album of soulful and gritty blues. She is an expressive vocalist who sings from the heart and soul, which places her among the elite female blues singers working today.

She is more than a competent songwriter and co-wrote 11 0f the 12 tracks. The only cover tune is a light version of Barrett Strong’s “Sugar Daddy.”

The five tracks written with guitar virtuoso Howard Glazier are excellent as Glazier brings his instrumental prowess to the performances, which serves as a creative foundation for Neals vocals. “Goo Goo Glass,” “Spinning,” the title track, and “Detroit Drive” with Glazier’s dobro leading the way are all solid fusion pieces of rock and blues.

Eliza Neals has produced an authentic album of passionate blues. Breaking And Entering is well worth a listen.


Rating: ***