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Bones & Beaten Heart

The Luxury

576549 Records DK 2015

Review by David Bowling


Beginning in 2007 with the release of That Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Jason Dunn and The Luxury started a trajectory toward the top of their profession. Opening for such acts as Cold Play, their momentum continued in 2009 with the release of In The Wake Of What Won’t Change. It all came to a halt during 2010 with a number of line-up changes and the band splitting apart.

Jason Dunn seems to have the band back on track with some new faces and a new album titled Bones & Beaten Heart. The new lineup consist of vocalist/guitarist Dunn, guitarist Rob Sistare, keyboardist Steven Borek, Bassist Matt Diekmann, and drummer Mark McGettrick.

Their new album is in many ways a Jason Dunn autobiographical journey. The music is basic pop/rock with tight harmonies but the lyrics explore the depths of Dunn’s psyche. It adds up to an album of songs that are assembled into a whole. While the individual songs can stand on their own; when taken together they tell a complete story.

The Luxury has returned with a conceptual album centered around solid music and lyrics.

Rating: ***