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Living By The Minute

Josh Hoyer And The Shadowboxers

Silver Street Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


Josh Hoyer is an artist whose stock is on the rise. His sound is an energetic calliope of blues and funky soul. His lyrics tell stories of life’s highs and lows that would have been right at home in the southern Delta during the classic blues era. His voice is dipped in soul, which creates a wonderful fusion of styles.

The Shadowboxers create a big band sound with a thumping rhythm section and a horn section that fills in the spaces. It all allows Hoyer to develop his melodies and sing his lyrics. Songs such as “Living By The Minute,” “Over The City,” “Real Time” and “Don’t Turn Away” are blasts of energy that often belie the lyrics.

Whether in full rocking mode or just wailing away, Josh Hoyer and The Shadowboxers have created an album that will grad your attention.

Rating: ***1/2