Spirit Of The Blues

Christian Collin

C-Train Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


Spirit Of The Blues, the new album by Christian Collin, is the product of close to 15 years performing in bars and small concert halls all across the United States.

Collin is the latest in the long line of American blues players. He is an under the radar guitar aficionado who has expert technical ability, and is able to produce notes with an individual clarity within the structure of a song’s melody.

His music is grounded in the blues and expands outward into rock & roll and even some funky soul in places.

Many times the best way to judge a blues album is by a slow blues number. The title track meanders and flows as his laid back guitar explores the song’s textures. “Dead Man Walking” contains a more ominous sound built around Collin’s slide guitar.

The bawdy “Player’s Game” and the southern honky tonk feel of “A Woman Like You” are upbeat blues rockers, while “Without You” is a pure soulful ballad.

Christian Collin has issued a mature blues statement. Spirit Of the Blues should appeal to any fan of the blues.

Rating: ***1/2