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10,000 Light Years Ago

John Lodge

Esoteric Antenna 2015

Review by David Bowling


One would think that when one goes 38 years between solo albums, their new release would be longer than 30 minutes but so it is with John Lodge of the Moody Blues and his new release 10,000 Light Years Ago.

Bass player John Lodge has been a member of the Moody Blues since 1966. In addition to his 1977 solo release Natural Avenue. he has recorded with bandmate Justin Hayward but solo material has been few and far in between.

His new album only contains eight tracks but they travel in a number of directions. “Get Me Out Of Here” and the title track come closest to a classic Moody Blues sound. Oddly, “Simply Magic,” which include former Moody Blues members Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder, is a bouncy and folk oriented tune. “In My Mind” is basic progressive rock.

10,000 Light Years Ago has a number of good parts but never settles into one style which results in an uncohesive affair. Maybe it would have helped if it had been longer.

Rating: **1.2