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Love Mechanic

The JC Smith Band

Cozmic Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


The JC Smith Band may not be a household name but on stage and in the recording studio, they produce a tasty and energetic blues with some funky twists thrown in for good measure. They have a full sound with a brass section that will just blow out of your speakers. Through it all, the guitar improvisations provide the connecter to a traditional blues sound.

Their new release, Love Mechanic, is a combination of originals and covers. His own “Jump For Joy,” “Ring Around The Tub,” and “Love Mechanic” are all good examples of his fusion of funk and blues. His rendition of “Cold Sweat” moves the soul classic in a very different direction.

Love Mechanic is a very listenable album and is representative of JC Smith’s approach to his craft. Very recommended for anyone looking for something a little different in their blues mix.

Rating: ***