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Charlie Wheeler Trio

Charlie Wheeler Trio Label 2015

Review by David Bowling


The blues are a distinct American creation. While they originated in the Southern Delta, today they come from all parts of the United States, including northern Pennsylvania, which brings us to the Charlie Wheeler Trio.

Charlie Wheeler (vocals/guitar/songwriter), Dave Fink (bass), and Rad Akers (drums) are a basic rock/blues power trio who produce an energetic fusion sound. In concert they are a jam band but in the recording studio, they have a fairly structured sound built around Wheeler’s guitar and vocals.

They have now issued a new album titled Rewind. Songs such as “Big City Blues,” “Back To Frisco Bay,” “Lady Luck,” and “So Glad To Be Here” explore the positive side of modern day blues.

The Charlie Wheeler Trio is one of those hard working bands who are trying to gain traction is the highly competitive field of American blues bands. Their new album should push them a little closer to the top.


Rating: ***