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Destination Clarksdale

Ben Rice & Lucy Hammond

Giddy Minion Records 2015

Review by David Bowling

Lucy Hammond and Ben Rice were well into their careers as accomplished singer/songwriters when they met by accident. They were double-booked and quickly realized their musical approaches were compatible. They recently took time from their touring to record and release the five-track EP Destination Clarksdale.

Their sound is simple; usually a guitar and vocals. They tend to move in a blues direction but fuse some folk elements here and there.

They are master songwriters who are able to paint pictures with words. They both have soulful voices and the ability to harmonize. “Ida Mae” is a fun tune while Hammond’s ode to “Muddy Water” is right out of the Delta fields of pre-World War II days.

EP’s provide only a taste of an artists music and so it is with Destination Clarksdale. In this case it whets the appitite for a regular full-length album.

Rating: ***