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Alchemilla Label 2015

Review by David Bowling


Alchemilla is a plant with close to 300 species. Alchemilla is also the name of a no-nonsense rock band whose music has some darker tones.

Singer/songwriter Kat Burke and guitarist/songwriter Joe Bondi formed a band close to 20 years ago while high school students. The current band also includes guitarist Jon Sprague, drummer Chad Miller, and bassist Josh Nachbar.

Their new release, Hearts, is a short four-track EP. In some ways it is a gloomy release that is not entirely representative of their overall sound. The thoughtful and sometimes painful lyrics tend to run counter to the rock-based music.

Hearts is a slice of the Alchemilla sound, which is always an issue with EP’s. A good place to start and if you find interest, then their full-lenth albums will be your next stop.

Rating: **1/2