Is It Still Good To Ya

Gaye Adegbalola & The Wild Rutz

VizzTone label Group 2015

Review by David Bowling


Gaye Adegbalola was a part of Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women for a quarter century (1984-2009). She may have left that group behind but her songwriting skills, sassiness, and edge have carried over to her newest incarnation.

Gaye Adegbalola & The Wild Rutz, (pronounced roots), is at heart an acapella blues vocal group. There is some guitar present but for the most part it is just the vocals and various rhythms, including clapping and foot-stomping. It is not a do-wop group but a gritty blues outfit with Adegbalola’s voice out front. It is a combination of smooth harmonies meeting raw lead vocals.

Adegbalola has always been a feminist, a gay rights activist, and an advocate of social causes. Her songs reflect those orientations and her voice propels them into a blues format. Songs such as  “Eye Candy,” “Coffee Flavored Kisses,” “Sick Leave Blues,” and “You Don’t Have To Take It” are non-nonsense songs of pain, life, and deliverance.

Is It Still Good To Ya is an album that approaches the blues from a different perspective. More authentic than slick, it is a different mix that is worth exploring.

Rating: ***