Day Into Night

Tad Robinson

Severn Records 2015

Review by David Bowling


During the course of his 20 year solo career, Tad Robinson has developed into one of the premier soul/blues fusion singers working today. Five years after his last release, he has finally returned with a new album titled Into The Night.

The background instruments are basic this time as the focus of the music are on his vocals. This is a wise decision as his voice has a wonderful and soulful quality that is able to express  his feelings, while providing a sense of realism.

All the songs were written specifically for this album and Robinson is the co-writer for 8 of the 12. The create a smooth flow as one song transitions into another as they combine soul and blues styles and sounds.

Day Into Night explores elements of love, relationships and life itself. A good way to spend 53 minutes of your day.

Rating: ***1/2