Growing Light

Ryan Montbleau Band

Blue’s Mountain 2015

Review By David Bowling


Ryan Montbleau is one of those music warriors who has is always on the road playing in clubs and small concert halls, occasionally taking time off to record a new album. His 8th album, Growing Light, is about to be released.

He has recorded both as a solo artist and with his long-term band. Now he has recruited new musicians and changed directions a bit. He places more emphasis on his lyrics and amps up the energy.

“Glad” settles into a funky groove, while “Pacing Like Prince” just blasts out of the speakers complete with guitar riffs and a pulsing rhythm section. Throughout it all, he spins his personal tales and stories.

Ryan Montbleau has continued to develop as a musician and songwriter. His latest release is a mature effort with deep textures. It is an album well-worth exploring.

Rating: ***1/2