Raised On The Run

Greg Shirley

Garage Door Records

Review by David Bowling


Greg Shirley grew up in a family that was constantly on the move in the southern United States. Little did the young boy realize that one day these experiences would become the basis for his first album release titled Raised On The Run.

Shirley is an American country singer whose songs reflect these early life experiences. Songs such as “Honky Tonk Highway,” “In A Pickup Truck,” “The Good Drugs,” “Jesus On The Dash,” and “Alabama Rain” are a testament to his hardscrabble life as a child.

The only concern is that while the songs fit the theme of the album, he is not the composer of much of the material. Still, the songs fit his experiences. The stories look back to classic country, while the music and melodies have a modern feel.

Greg Shirley’s youth have provided a nice backdrop for his music. It will be interesting to see what the next musical chapter holds.

Rating: ***