Modern Classic

Robin Banks

CD Baby 2014

Review by David Bowling


Robin Banks is a Canadian roots singer and composer who straddles the line between blues and jazz. Her newest album, Modern Classic, produced by guitarist deluxe Duke Robillard,  contains all original material.

Her bluesy vocals are backed by guitarist Robillard, keyboardist Bruce Bears, drummer Mark Teixeira, bassist Brad Hallen, and a three piece horn section.

She has one of those perfect-tone voices that can purr or howl. He real advantage is as a songwriter who can create wonderful melodies and incisive lyrics.

Tracks such as “A Man Is Just A Man,” “My Baby Loves Me,” “You Boogie Too Fast For Me,” “A Place In The City,” and “Bite Your Tongue” cover a lot of ground as they range from light jazz to a smoky bar late as night.

She organized her first blues band in 1992 and continues to perform about 200 days per year. Modern Classic is the result of a life time immersed in music and is worth a listen.

Rating: ***