You Keep The Money

Tas Cru

Crustee Tees Records

Review by Davis Bowling


Statement: “You know, I should get paid.”

Tas Cru: “Yes son, you should. Welcome to the blues.”

Bluesman Tas Cru has spent most of his adult life on the road playing in small clubs, sometimes wondering if he will get paid. He recently took some time off the road to record his sixth studio album, You Keep The Money.

Cru is a fundamental blues artist whose music expands in a number of directions but be it straight blues or fusions of rock, gospel, and even funk; he is a master practitioner.

It is an album or original compositions that examine life. Highlights include the energetic “Take Me Back To Tulsa,” the gentle “Holding On To You,” and the instrumental “La Belle Poutine,” which demonstrates not only his expertise on the guitar but also his ability to create melodies within the blues format.

You Keep The Money is a solid album by a blues veteran who has spent years honing his sound.

Rating: ***