Don’t Waste Your Life

The Tripping Souls

Tripping Souls Productions 2014

Review by David Bowling


The Tripping Souls are not a band in the usual sense of the word. It is guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter Paul Makris who gathers together a number of musicians when he wants to record or tour. Joining him on his latest project are bassist Wayne Whitaker and drummers Steve Chaggaris & Harrison Seller.

Makris is above all an accomplished guitarist and his ability to produce melodic chords permeates his music. His vocal sound is restrained and laid back, which gives the overall sound and easy going feel.

While his influences may come from the British rock and pop sound of the past several decades; he has a very modern approach.  “Sunny Afternoon” has some booming percussive rhythms that allow Makris to build his guitar sounds. “Narrow Road” continues to build on those rhythms. “Soul Sister” finds him layering his sound.

He takes a simple melodic approach with “A Piece Of Paper.” “Mary Jane” seems like a love song but is actually an ode to marijuana, which could be right out of the 1960’s or 70’s.

Don’t Waste Your Life is a fusion of rock and pop and is a clear statement oof Paul Makris’ musical vision. It is an interesting listen from a man who continues to hone and develop his sound.


Rating: ***