Looking In The Mirror

Howard Glazier

Lazy Brothers Records 2014

Review by David Bowling


Detroit’s Howard Glazer is a no-nonsense blues guitarist/songwriter/vocalist who was inducted into the Michigan Blues Hall Of Fame in April 2014. His basic backing unit is bassist Chris Brown and drummer Charles David Stuart but at times he expands his sound outward with keyboardist Larry Marek, additional vocalists Maggie McCabe & Stephanie Johnson, plus an occasional flute and trumpet.

Glazier is a traditional modern day blues artist who incorporates some rock elements into his sound but no matter where he may travel, it is his guitar work that dominates. The tracks range from four minutes to over seven minutes in length, which give him time to explore and develop his melodies.

Many times blues players are judged by their slower tempo material and “Eviction Blues” has a heavy feel as the organ and guitar intertwine and separate. “Broken Down Hotel Blues” has a classic Glazier solo while “Take Me Baby” fuses rock and blues together in a pulsing manner. “Emergency” ends the album on a creative note as his use of a flute and a wah-wah guitar push his sound and approach outside his usual norm.

Howard Glazier has learned his craft well and Looking In The Mirror is another powerful album in his chain of releases. Good blues for the car and home.

Rating: ***1/2