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TV Eyes

TV Eyes

Omnivore Recordings 2014

Review by David Bowling


TV Eyes debut album, originally issued in Japan during 2006, has taken a long and circuitous route to its release in the United States.

The background of TV Eyes is at best complicated. Jason Falkner, Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Brian Reitzeil have a history in music stretching back to the 1980’s. They have been a part of such groups as Jellyfish, The Three O’clock, The Moog Cookbook, Imperial Drag, and The Grays. Together they have released a couple dozen solo albums. The ultimate unifying factor is all three are involved in creating music for films.

Back in the year 2000, they were in the studio recording music for a sequel to the movie Logan’s Run, which was never made. Their time together led them to TV Eyes. Their debut album was only released in Japan during 2006. Now eight years later it is finally being released in the United States with bonus tracks that were originally a part of their Japanese EP Softcore, plus “She’s A Study,” which has only been available as a rare promotional 12 inch single.

The music is power pop meets 1980s synthesizer sound. It may sound a bit dated but the catchy nature of the material makes everything interesting and listenable.

If you are fans of any of the three members of the band, don’t expect a sound that is close to their group work. Instead approach the album as a flight of fancy and appreciate the fact that it has finally surfaced in the United States.


Rating: ***