I’m Changing

Lisa Mills

Mills Bluz Records 2014

Review by David Bowling


The blues and gospel music have always been first cousins and Lisa Mills, through her soulful voice and writing ability, fuses both style together on her new album titled  I’m Changing.

The music on her new album has had an interesting history. Some of the tracks were  recorded and released in 2005 but now they have been re-imagined and re-constructed according to who she is as an artist today. The music has emerged more personal and polished than their predecessors.

When Mills sings, she means it. There is an authenticity to her music that few artists can conjure up. The ten originals and two covers have an sincerity made real by her voice. Songs such as “Rain In The Summertime,” “Eyes So Blue,” “Take My Troubles,” and “I Don’t Want To Be Happy” are journeys through her mind and music. Her take on Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” is unique because of her female perspective.

Mills leaned her craft while touring with Big Brother and The Holding Company singing the Janis Joplin songs. Now on her own and in charge of her career, she has released a formidable album of blues laced gospel.

Rating: ***1/2