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Taylor Swift

Big Machine Records 2014

Review by David Bowling


Taylor Swift is at a place in her career where she could release an album of her singing the phone book and it would sell a couple million copies.

The title of her new album, 1989, refers to the year of her birth. She does take a chance with the album as she leaves her country roots behind and embraces a full pop persona. She manages to create an album of upbeat and smooth material that will no doubt provide hit songs and radio fare for the next six months. “The lead single “Shake It Off” has been number one on a number of charts since its release and served to whet the appetite for the album.

The album and her music in general will not change the direction of American music but it does resonate with teens, tweens, and millions of music fans. She can tell a simple story and write bright melodies and sometimes that is more than enough.

1989 will be in the running for the most successful commercial release of the year. The music is shiny and peppy and should not only please her fan base but earn her some new ones as well.

Rating: ***1/2