Gypsy Man

Mike Love

Gypsy Soul Records 2014

Review by David Bowling


It’s not the years so much as it is the mileage,” as the old saying goes. Mike Love issued a four song EP way back in 2022, He has traveled a lot of miles and played several thousand shows in clubs and halls all across North America. He has opened shows for such stars as Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, and Jason Aldean. Now, he has finally gotten around to releasing his first full-length; Gypsy Man.

He is a modern day country artist who traces his roots back to the classic country music of the past. His sound is rooted in the telling of stories about life. He wrote or co-wrote seven of the ten tracks and he is able to paint vivid pictures with his words.

Songs such as “Longway Home,” Drifters Lament,” “Old Mexico,” and “Somewhere Deep Inside You” have good melodies that envelop his incisive lyrics.

Gypsy Man is a solid album that should please fans of modern and classic country music alike. It is music well worth exploring.


Rating: ***