Todd Meadows

Brothers Keeper

Brothers Keeper 2014

Review by David Bowling


Take a dash of acoustic, add some rock and roll, throw in a pinch of Americana, and finish it off with some veteran songwriters and musicians and you have the new album by Brothers Keeper.

Their new album features five composers and five lead singers but the core band is made of three musicians. Bassist Michael Jude and drummer John Michel formed the rhythm section for the John Oates Band for 15 years plus veteran guitarist Scott Rednor are a capable power trio.

Given the number of contributors, the music of Todd Meadows travels in a number of directions which hurts its overall cohesion. When taken individually, however, the tracks are excellent.

“Days Go By” is representative of the edgier rocking material as the guitar sound provides the foundation. “Chamberlain” represents their softer side as its acoustic approach places the song squarely in the Americana music idiom. The only cover song is a modernized and energetic version on the Band’s classic “The Weight.”

Todd Meadows is an album to be explored and savored as its textures and layers provide an ever changing listening experience. It will be interesting to see what Brothers Keeper can conjure up in the future.

Rating: ***1/2