Open Mic At The Knick

The Knickerbocker All-Stars

JP Cadillac records 2014

Review by David Bowling

Open Mic At The Knick by the Knickerbocker All-Stars is modern day blues at its most basic level. It is a sprawling album by a number of musicians who regularly inhabit the Knickerbocker Café in Westerly Rhode Island, which at one time was home to such artists as Roomful Of Blues and Duke Robillard.

One can almost imagine a smokey club and small stage filled with musicians playing the blues. A number of vocalists rotate on and off the stage but the core band consists of drummers Bobby & Fran Christina, guitarist Ricky King Russell, bassist Bob Worthington, pianists Al Copley & Dave Maxwell, and a brass section of Doc Chanonhouse, Bobby Holfelden, Rich Lataille, and Dennis Cook.

The theme is to reproduce a number of classic and traditional blues songs and invite different singers to provide vocals that emulate the originals. Songs such as “It’s Later Than You Think,” “Reconsider Baby,” “Five Long Years,” “Jelly Jelly,” and “Along About Midnight” are all returned to their original glory.

Open Mic At The Nick is a workingman’s blues album. It is music that is presented in blues clubs all across the United States. So sit back, grab your favorite brew, and let the music take you away.

Rating: ***1/2