Heavy Water

Fo’ Reel

Fo’reel 2014

Review by David Bowling


Let me say up front, I am going to give an extra half star for the album cover. You just gotta love the bear.

Fo’Reel is a blues band at heart, but their sound travels in a rhythm & blues and funk direction at times. Their new album, Heavy Water, reflects those elements.

The basic band for the album consists of guitarist and band leader Mark Domizio, bassist David Hyde, vocalists C.P. Love and Rick Lawson, drummers Daryl Burgess and Allyn Robinson, and keyboardist Johnny Neel. A sax/trumpet brass section of Jon Smith, Ward Smith, and Barney Floyd is also on hand to provide support.

The music is driven by a brass and keyboard foundation. The guitar and vocals are layered in on top, which creates a layered texture effect.

Tracks such as “Breaking Up Somebody’s Home,” “Heavy Water,” “Gate,” and Shake N Bake” are all blasts of contemporary blues. They do not have a subtle approach but rather the sound just washes over you.

Fo’ Reel has released an energetic album of contemporary blues that presents a few twists and turns along the way. Recommended for anyone who wants a little southern gumbo in their blues.

Rating: ***1/2