Hard Landing

Planet Full Of Blues

Planet Full Of Blues 2014

Review by David Bowling


Eight years is a long time between albums, especially if it is your debut and sophomore effort. Planet Full Of Blues has finally returned with their second album Hard Landing.

They have been road warriors who play a basic form of hard-driving blues. Their time on the road has enabled them to hone their sound into a melodic and emotional mix. They also have the advantage of being capable songwriters as all 11 tracks are original compositions.

Bassist Ron Dameron and drummer Brock Howe form a solid foundation for guitarist/vocalist to build his sound. Tracks such as “Mashed Potatoes And Gravy,” “I Had A Dream,” “Snake Lady,” and “So Special” are energetic explorations of the blues idiom.

Hard landing is a solid effort from a blue collar blues band. It is a fine introduction to Planet Full Of Blues.


Rating: ***