Moody Maraccas 2114

Review by David Bowling


Linda (vocals and acoustic guitar) and Mats Brandemark (vocals, acoustic, and electric guitar) are both veterans of the music scene. Linda has released four solo albums under the last name Malmstrom and Mats has been a member of three bands during his career. They have now formed a duo named Lighthouse and have just released their self-titled debut album.

What is interesting about the duo is they are Swedish but produce a very American sound that straddles the line between Americana and rock & roll.

While they are a duo, they produce a full band sound. A number of instruments and artists move in and out of their music but the constant is multi-instrumentalist Johan von Feilitzen, who fills in a lot of the gaps.

Despite their country of birth, they are in many ways American songwriters. The lyrics tell stories of their thoughts, philosophy, and experiences. The music is both melodic and well-constructed.

They wisely mix up the tempos and the styles. “Passing Me By” moves in a country direction due to Martin Hogvall’s lap steel guitar. “Struck By Lightning” travels in a different direction with some strings and a sax as accompaniment. “Queen Of Hearts” is an enchanting tale whose lyrics would fit a beer hall.

Lighthouse has released a sophisticated and enjoyable debut album. One can only hope it will lead to more of the same in the future.


Rating: ***