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The Complete Original Chart Hits 1964-1969

Ronnie Dove

Real Gone Music 2014

Review by David Bowling

Ronnie Dove may have set a chart record back in the 1960’s. He had 21 singles make the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Chart but none cracked the top ten. Still, his high range vocals, smooth balladry, and his ability to create a very listenable pop sound made him extremely popular and commercially successful with the adult contemporary crowd during the second half of the 1960’s.

Real Gone Music has now resurrected his entire 21-song chart history and released it under the title The Complete Original Chart Hits 1964-1969. Sixteen of the 21 tracks are presented in stereo, some for the first time on CD. No stereo versions of the other five exist. The sound has been scrubbed as clear as the original recordings will allow. A booklet with a short history of Dove’s career, notes on each track, and a number of archival pictures has been included.

He may have recorded during the British Invasion through the beginning of the psychedelic era but he was at heart not a rock and roller. He was more akin to 1950’s singers such as Johnny Ray than the rock and roll artists who dominated the time period. He was very much in tune with the second part of Elvis Presley’s career, when he moved from rock to pop.

While many people may not be familiar with his work; tunes such as “One Kiss For Old Times Sake,” “Right Or Wrong,” “A Little Bit Of Heaven,” “When Liking Turns To Loving,” and “Let’s Start All Over Again” take their place among some of the finest pop creations of the era. They remain highly listenable and when taken together form one of the better, if under rated pop legacies of the late 1960’s.

When the pop hits stopped, he moved in a country direction. Recently, he announced his retirement after over a half-century in the music industry. The Complete Original Hits 1964-1969 is the definitive compilation of his career and will no doubt please his fans and possibly earn some new ones.


Rating: ****