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Strikes And Gutters

Brian Pounds

Waterloo Records 2014

Review by David Bowling

When you listen to Brian Pounds sing, it is easy to see why he was a contestant on season four of The Voice. He has a voice that combines power with clarity. It can soar and hit the high notes and is one of those instruments that is a gift. He will release a five song EP on September 2nd titled Strikes And Gutters.

He is also developing as a songwriter as four of the five tracks are originals. They are melodic with words that fit a roots or Americana style. When combined with his rock-style vocals, it creates a nice fusion of the two styles.

As with all EP’s, or short albums if you will, they only present a taste of an artists style and sound. The five tracks have a sameness, which means if you like one song, you will probably like them all, but it will be interesting to see in what directions an entire album will take him

Snakes And Gutters is a good introduction to his music and well-worth a listen.


Rating: ***