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Only Worn One Time

Dulcie Taylor

Mesa/Bluemoon Records 2014

Review by David Bowling

Dulcie Taylor is at heart a poet who is able to put her feelings and thoughts into words. Listening to her stories is like peeking into her mind as she travels a very personal journey.

One of the keys to her fifth album release is her friends. Guitarist Tony Recupido, guitarist George Nauful, and George Williams all share some of the songwriting duties as they provide the music for her lyrics. Nauful (3 tracks) and Recupido (2 tracks) also provide the lead vocals on five of the 11 tracks, which gives the affair a full band feel.

The title track is representative of her approach. “Only Worn One Time” traces it its beginnings to Taylor’s sister who passed away. Taylor has been unable to part with her wedding dress. These sentiments are transferred to a song about a man who finds his departed wife’s wedding dress in a closet. It is a story that many people can relate too and when presented with a simple melody is a wonderful amalgam of feelings.

Taylor’s 2012 album, Free Of This Sorrow, was a breakthrough and Only Worn One Time builds on that momentum. It is an album of thoughtful and reflective songs that fit together into a cohesive unit. It is a wonderful album for a glass of wine and a warm fire.

Rating: ***