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Davina & The Vagabonds

Roustabout Records 2014

Review by David Bowling


Davina (Sowers) & The Vagabonds cross a lot of borders musically but at their foundation remain rooted in the smooth and sweet sound of light New Orleans jazz. Their newest album, Sunshine, will be released July 19th.

They are a band who learned their chops playing close to 300 shows a year locally before expanding to a national and world stage.

Keyboardist/vocalist Davina is joined by trumpet player Dan Elkmeier, trombonist Ben Link, drummer Connor Hammergreen, and bassist Andrew Burn. They are a unique and formidable group that has a tightness forged by hundreds of performances.

Davina has one of those voices that is a gift. It is distinctive and easily recognizable. The flexibility of her vocals allow the band to travel in a number of directions, which allows them to avoid a sameness to their music.

The title song is an upbeat piece of jazz/pop. “Away From Me” can best be described as a smoldering soul ballad. “Through It To The Wolves For Love” settles into a smooth swing groove. “Heavenly Day” proves that sometimes simple is best as Davina presents a gentle solo piece.

Davina And The Vagabonds continue to expand their fan base through hard earned success on the road and in the studio. Sunshine is another brick in their wall of success.

Rating: ***1/2