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Screaming In The Wind

Dudley Taft

CD Baby 2014

Review by David Bowling

Dudley Taft has just released his third album Screaming In The Wind. While he is grounded in the American electric blues, here he branches out in a rock/blues fusion direction at times. Taft is an excellent songwriter and guitarist and both skills are on display. He wrote or co-wrote 10 of the 12 tracks and his guitar soars, purrs, and hammers away with a superb technical virtuosity for nearly an hour.

He is supported by band members John Kessler on bass and drummer Jason Patterson. Also on board in the Studio is keyboardist Reese Wynans, whose presence gives Taft a little more flexibility to create and improvise on his guitar. This change to the basic structure of the band at times gives him another lead instrument to play off and counterpoint too.

He takes the Skips James blues tune “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” is a basic approach, which allows Taft to explore and change some of the melodies. “Red Line” moves toward a boogie rock sound propelled by a layering of the guitars. Freddie King’s signature classic, “Pack It Up,” settles into a funky groove complete with backing by the Muscle Shoals Horn Section. The title track is a good excursion into a rock/blues fusion with Taft’s guitar leading the way.

“Barrio” is a song that would fit the bar scene late at night. The album ending track “Say You Will” travels a different direction as it moves toward an alternative rock sound.

Dudley Taft is one of those under the radar blues artists who has spent years honing his craft. Screaming In The Wind is the latest chapter in a career that continues to move forward in a positive and creative direction.

Rating: ***1/2