Jim Mize

Jim Mize

Big Legal Mess Records 2014

Review by David Bowling

The middle-aged gentleman gazing out from the CD cover belies the energetic rock and roll music that is found inside.

John Mize spent nearly 30 years traveling the highways and by-ways of the south and west as an insurance adjuster. He left it all behind when he decided to hit the record as a rock and roll artist. He had built up a catalogue of songs he had composed through the years and they sustained him while he embarked on a new career.

His self-titled third album begins with what can be best described as a blues song. “Rabbit Hole” establishes his penchant for incisive lyrics and ability to tell a story. His voice has a quality that fits the blues well and here it booms above the instrumental backing.

The first track, while excellent, is a little misleading as to what will follow. “Won’t You Come Back Again,” “This Moment With You,” “Drunk Moon Falling,” and “Bleed” are energetic rock and roll that have a Springsteen style. He plumbs his memories of his years on the road for stories and material for his music. Many times it adds up to a type of blues story telling lyrics set to rock music.

Jim Mize is one of those artists that came to the music business late in life but brought with him a wealth of experience. His music is a force to be reckoned with and well-worth a listen.

Rating: ***1/2